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Solid hosting on dedicated servers. A cool community for everyone. That's it. That's what we do. Reliable, fast, and always up – we ensure your gaming is smooth and uninterrupted. Join us for a no-nonsense, all-fun gaming experience where the community makes the difference.

Robust Hosting, Growing Community

Experience reliable hosting with our robust servers, designed to support a growing community of 10,000 users. We provide a stable platform for a wide range of online activities, ensuring high performance and user satisfaction.

  • Fast, Reliable Servers for Seamless Gaming
  • Community of Over 10,000 Gamers
  • Regular Updates and Active Support

Join a network where performance meets reliability. Our servers are ready for your every need, providing a smooth online experience.

Enjoyed Worldwide

Connecting Players Globally

We host on servers with fast connections, making sure your gaming is smooth wherever you are. Whether you're looking to host games or own a server, we've got you covered with fast connections and reliable performance.

Reliable Servers

Count on our servers for stable and fast gaming

10K+ Members

Join our growing community of over 10,000 members

Great coverage

Our servers deliver top performance globally

Fairly priced

Enjoy high-quality server hosting at a fair price

"Ezz stands out with its comprehensive suite of hosting solutions and community features. From private game servers to dedicated datacenters, it's the go-to choice for seamless gaming and hosting experiences."

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Sundar Pichai
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An Ezz Solution for Anyone

Select the perfect hosting solution tailored to your gaming needs. From private servers to full control VPS, we've got you covered.

Private Server

Get a Private Server, ready for select games—perfect for a hassle-free gaming experience.

$6-$8 /month
  • Ready-to-play with selected games
  • Basic server controls (restart, stop...)
  • Shared resources
  • Fully managed service
  • Standard Support
Coming Soon


Host any game, manage your resources, and enjoy complete freedom on your virtual private server.

$10+ /month
  • Full control to install any game
  • Scalable performance options
  • Dedicated VCPU resources
  • Self-managed setup
  • Standard Support
Coming Soon

Dedicated Server

Our Dedicated Server plan offers top-tier resources and capabilities. Contact us for details and pricing.

$? /month
  • Highest level of performance
  • Full configuration control
  • Dedicated CPU resources
  • Self-setup required
  • Premium Support
Coming Soon

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